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THEINDBOX.SG is a short film archival website project under my social enterprise, Singapore Indian Theatre & Film explorers (S.I.T.F.E), which will feature all the Indian short films done in Singapore till date. The website will host all the films made in Singapore in any Indian language (e.g. Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, etc.). This archive, which will expand with time, will preserve the identities and voices of Indians in Singapore for the present and future generations. Just as how a diary holds the personal thoughts and emotions of an individual, through a film, a filmmaker shares his or her thoughts, emotions or response to either personal, social or world issues. These films are important to be documented, for they will serve as identity markers of Indians in Singapore.

With THEINDBOX.SG, individuals, schools, organizations and production companies will be able to submit their films, from which students, adults and schools will benefit. The archival collection is categorized in accordance to themes and subject matters explored. The collection will play a significant role in classrooms where teachers can get students to see films and partake in healthy and engaging dialogues. With a growing emphasis on bringing innovative practices to classrooms and incorporating a highly collaborative learning methodology, THEINDBOX.SG is timely and will definitely make students more vocal and inspire them to create films. Films submitted will have English subtitles by end of this year. As a result, the collection will bridge different communities and provides them the opportunity to learn more about the Indian community. We had also been conducting free workshops and screenings since April last year till now, to educate the public in making their short films.

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